DR. LIU XIN CING(1934- )

Graduated from Taipei Normal College

Art and Culture

Received an Honorary Doctorate(Art), Union University, US
1972 The 13th National Awards for Arts, Taiwan
1992 First Prize and Honorary Award, Annual Excellent Comics Awards, Taiwan
2002 Lifetime Achievement Award, the First Annual Best Comics Awards, Taiwan
2008 Lifetime Contribution Award, Hakka Affairs Council, EY, Taiwan
2010 Lifetime Achievement Award, the Golden Comic Awards, Government Information Office, EY, Taiwan
2013 The Golden Hakka Award, Hakka Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government, Taiwan


1974 The First Product Design Award of ROC, Taiwan
1974 Sun Yat-sen Invention Awards, Taiwan
1975 The First Top Ten Excellent Invention Award, Taiwan
1976 Judges’ Award, Good Design Award, Japan
1977 The First Gold Brain Invention Award, Taiwan
1978 Silver and Bronze Prize, International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, Brussels, Switzerland
1980 Grand Prize in Inventions, New York World’s Fair, US
1980 Sun Yat-sen Invention Awards, Taiwan
1981 Golden Metal Prize, iENA Nuremberg, Germany
1982 Good Design Award of Product for Export, GD Mark Taiwan
1982 Bronze Award, International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, Brussels, Switzerland
1984 Bronze Award, Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, Switzerland
1988 Top Ten Excellent Invention Award


Born in Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County in 1934, Hsing-Ching Liu is a graduate of Taipei Normal College, and has received an honorary doctorate of Union University, US. He has authored more than 200 books, including comic books, storybooks and curriculums. As an inventor he has over 140 kinds of invention patents; as an artist he has painted over 300 genre painting works in Taiwan. His works are collected by the National Museum of Taiwan History, the National Museum of Taiwan Literature and the National Taiwan Science Education Center.

Liu started to write in 1954, and has since authored over 200 comic books such as Shawn, Great Auntie and Robot, as well as storybooks, curriculums and autobiographies.

During 1996-2000, via the characters from his comic books such as “Shawn”, “Great Auntie” and “Robot”, he assisted the declining small village of Neiwan, by creating an interesting image for its commercial zone and preserving the characteristical Neiwan railways, which together brought enormous opportunities both in business and employment. Meanwhile the well-know landmarks, Liu Hsing-ching Comic Museum, the Liu Hsing-ching Comic Theme Park and the bronze relief work in Neiwan Tran Station were also built.

Liu also worked as an inventor from 1971 to 1979, and within these 8 years he gained over 140 invention patents, including “telescopic umbrella cover”、”Smart Self-learning machine” and “Wave activated power generation”. He has won several international awards of invention by his work. In recent years he has devoted himself to presenting the local customs and way of life via Chinese ink painting—300 of these works are collected by the National Museum of Taiwan History for display and academic research.

Liu immigrated to San Francisco, US in 1991. Meanwhile his serial comics on World Journal Great Auntie: Fresh Off the Boat was well-received among Chinese immigrants, the comic characters “Shawn” and “Great Auntie” was also chosen as mascots for Taiwanese & Chinese American Athletic Tournament. Additionally, Liu founded the Great Auntie Creative School in Silicon valley in order to present Taiwanese culture, and to teach Chinese children their mother language for free.

Thus Liu has become an outstanding role model whose story is in primary school textbooks. Along the way, Liu was personally recognized by 6 consecutive presidents of Taiwan respectively due to his devoted efforts in the culture of education, economical development and local constructions.


  • Comic Book

over 200 works include Miss Ding, Smartie, Shawn, Great Auntie, Robot, Inventor’s Stories, The Cowherd Principal and Ah-Ching, A Comic Book with No Texts, Little Bei-bei and Great Auntie: Fresh Off the Boat.

  • Children’s Literature

The Little Orphan Muntjac, The Bronze Flute, Baby Thrush Learns to Fly, The Story of Neiwan, The Story of Big Mountainback, The Story of Tianliao Keng, The Tale of Tea from Heavens, The Legends of Mt. Ngangihaw and The Twelve Zodiac Stories in Comic.

  • Historical

The Paintings Collection of Local Folklore in Taiwan, Taiwanese Traditional Customs in Pictures, Storytelling Session with Shawn: When I was Little and At Our House.

  • Autobiography

Stories of Hsing-ching Liu the Urchin, Ah-Ching the Naughty, The Man Who Lives by His Ideas: Hsing-Ching Liu, The Wild Kid of Big Mountainback, The Childlike, Creative Hsing-ching Liu and My Self Learning Process Throughout Lifetime

  • Teaching Material

Learning ㄅㄆㄇ, Creative Drawing via Geometry, Creative Drawing via Hand Shapes andCreative Drawing via the Alphabet.

  • Invention

142 patents including wave activated power generation, Smart self-learning machines, Telescopic Umbrella Cover, Auto Pop-a-point pencil, The Pearls of Wisdom Toy Set, The All-purpose Self Learning Machine, Little Chauffeur, Musical Shoes, and Adjustment Faucet for Hot and Cold Water.


Teacher of Taipei Yong Le Elementary School
Chairman of Hai-yue International co., ltd
Associate Professor of Fu Yen University
Executive director of The Cartoonist Association of Republic of China
Executive director of Taiwan Provincial Invention Association
Trustee of Taiwan International Invention Award Winners Association
Professor/Lecturer at the Advance Class Educator’s Workshop, Department of Education
Founder of Chinese Children Potential Development Association


1977 Founded Ai-ai Arts and Crafts Center for Preschoolers
1983 Hosted the children’s TV program I Love Cartoon on China Television and was well received
1993  Hsing-Ching Liu’s Comic Series was published by Hunan Children and Young Adult Publisher
2003 Liu’s Comic art was applied to enhance/create the commercial district in Neiwan, Hsinchu County
2003 Liu’s personal story From A Cowherd to an Inventor was included in the textbook of elementary school Mandarin
2005 Local Genre Painting Exhibition, National Chiao Tung University
2007 The Grand Auntie and Smarty cartoon first broadcasted on Colorful Festival Program, Hakka TV
2007 Children’s festival of Railway, Soaring Creativity: The Life Story of Hsing-Ching Liu the Taiwanese MacGyver
2007 Founded Great Auntie Taiwan Creative School in SF, US
2010 Hsing-Ching Liu: Exhibition of Comic Art, Genre Painting and Invention, National Central Library, Taipei
2011 Served as a spokesperson for Comic Character Design Copyright in Hakka Affair Council, EY, Department of Health, EY and Taiwan Railways Administration, MOTC
2011 The Great Auntie Festival was scheduled in July as one of Hakka Festivities Program by Hakka Affairs Council, EY
2011 Works of Genre Painting in Taiwan was collected by National Museum of Taiwan History
2013 Sharing Memories, Connecting Generations: A Joint Exhibition of Hsing-Ching Liu and National Museum of Taiwan History, National Museum of Taiwan History
2015  Hsing-Ching Liu Comics Theme Park was founded, Neiwan, Henshan Township, Hsinchu County
2015 Hsing-Ching Liu’s Comic Series was published by Hubei Provincial Educational Publisher, China
2017 The Liu Hsing-ching Comic Museum was officially founded in Neiwan Elementary School, Henshan Township, by the Hsinchu County Goverment.

Scuba Diving(2004)