1979 Chinese Culture University of Fine Arts (BA)
2005 National Chia-Yi University of Visual Arts (MA)


Born at Chia-Yi in 1956 and has been engaging in Artistic Creation until now.
1984-1990 Shei Chih Vocational High School, Chia-Yi County
1990-2007 Bei Shieng Junior High School, Chia-Yi
2007-2011 Teacher, Department of Aesthetics and Visual Arts, Nanhua University
2012 Teacher, Department of Creative Design, Asian University
2005-2015 Teacher, Fine Arts Department, Evergreen University

Books of Collected Works

1994 The Works of Cheng Chien-Chang: Chanter of Epics
1996 Hometown of Life
1998 Island Impressions
1999 Taiwan’s Testament of Mountain and Sea
2004 Taiwanese Mayfly
2005  Taiwan Shan Hai Jing: The Land, Ocean and Introspection of Mind
2010 The Land is Speaking
2015 Mountain, Ocean and Dai Wuan

Creative Idea

Cheng, Chien-Chang focuses his creative thinking to reverently portray the land, the people and everything. He has always been concerned with the relationship between people and society; the relationship between people and the land; and the spirit of people and nature. He examines those relationships that echo the ancients’ exploration of the value and significance of life itself and how these contemporary relationships point to the future.

When he is creating, Cheng considers the links between history and present-day life through his attention to the Taiwanese character and interpreting “the inner workings of power” in the universe. He is committed to construct, at the same time, an image of the modern Taiwanese and a Taiwanese artistic viewpoint. This new vision interprets the meaning of the modern spirit and pursues the inside of the mind at ease.

Formally, he takes the elements of tangible people, mountains, islands, land, rivers, trees and clouds to express the invisible and the infinite spiritual body through deformation and metaphor. By using replacement techniques of identity symbols, he lets go of existential dialogue and shows the pursuit of spiritual freedom beyond physical bondage. He usually shows austere strength through pure color with generous shadowing applied to emphasize density, dimension and shape. Furthermore, size is often contrasted in characters. The small characters represent humans reverent in their insignificance to the great characters that throb with unlimited power.
Furthermore, the use of size contrasts the dichotomy of man’s condition concerning spiritual freedom. When this contrast is present, the small characters are the human, insignificant in their physical state. However, the large characters represent the unlimited power of the universe that throbs in all people who respect and revere their connection the spirit of nature.

Furthermore, in his paintings, the huge ideas (in great character) contrast to the small characters, represent that the limited human race throb and reverent in the great unlimited power.

Museums with Works in Their Permanent Collections

His works are Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,
Art Bank Taiwan of the Ministry of Culture, Chiayi Art Museum, and collectors.

Solo Exhibitions

1994 “The Workers of Cheng Chien-Chang: Chanter of Epics”, Exhibition Tour: Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Dimensions Art Center
1996  “Hometown of Life”, Exhibition Tour: Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung ,Dimensions Art Center
1998 “Cheng Chien-Chang Sole Exhibition”, Espace, ICARE, Paris, France
1998 “Island Impressions”, Exhibition Tour : Taipei, Taichung, Dimensions Art Center
1999  “Taiwan’s Testament of Mountain and Sea”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum
2004 “Taiwanese Mayfly”, Art Site of Chia-Yi Railway Warehouse
2005 “Taiwan’s Testament of Mountain and Sea:The Land, Ocean and Introspection of Mind”, National Chia-Yi University
2007  “A Journey of Taiwan’s Testament of Mountain and Sea”, Art Space of Bei Shing Junion High School
2007  “Cheng Chien-Chang Solo Exhibition”, the Southern District of IRS, Chia-Yi Branch
2009  “Free Flowing”, KYU Art Center, Kaohsiung
2010 “The Land is Speaking”, Li Gallery, Taipei
2011 “The Universe‧God”, 102 Contemporary Art Gallery
2013 “Dialogues with the Universe”, Chia-Yi District Prosecutors Office
2015  “The Universe‧God part 2”, 102 Contemporary Art Gallery
2015 “Mountain, Ocean and Dai-Wuan”, Chia-Yi City Museum
2016 “The Dreamland of the Spirit”,Art Gallery, Kaohsiung International Airport
2017 Farewell. The Sacred Trees: Cheng Chien-chang Art Exhibition, National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung, Taiwan.
2017 The Dreamland of the Spirit: Exhibition of Cheng Chien-Chang, Cornerstone Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan.
2017  Sons of the Good Earth: Cheng Chien-chang Solo Exhibition, Haohaus, Chiayi, Taiwan
2017 The Eternal Cycles of Life: Cheng Chien-chang Solo Exhibition, Lee Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.
2019 Pillars the Heavens and the Earth: Cheng Chien-chang Art Exhibition, 102Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan.

Joint Exhibition

1982 “Taipei New Art Union First Exhibition”, Taipei American Cultural Center
1984 Contemporary Trends in Chinese Art, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan.
1993 Oriental Humanistic Paintings Under the Integration of Chinese and Western Paintings, Dimension Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan.
1996 TAIPEI BIENNIAL: THE QUEST FOR IDENTITY, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan.
1999  “The Land of the Mind”, National Arts Club, New York City, USA
1999 “The Contemporary Art of Taiwan”, Capitol Gallery, Oklahoma City, USA ; Nuorui Ke Art Center, City University, USA
2000  Spin City 2000—Alternative Space On Line, Chiayi Zone, Hua-shan Art District, Taipei, Taiwan.
2001  Chiayi Area: Fine Art Group Show, Tianren Art Gallery, Guangdong, China.
2002 Fix Eyes on Taiwan: To Activate the February 28th Elements in Taiwanese Art, Presidential Office Gallery, Chiayi 228 Memorial Museum, Kaohsiung Museum of History & the Pier-2 Art Center, Taipei/ Chiayi/ Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2003 Keeping Track—Art Flaneur Project, Kaohsiung International Containers Arts Festival, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2004  The Spirit of Tirosen—A Site of Graphic Art, Chiayi Municipal Museum & Chiayi Railway Warehouse, Chiayi, Taiwan.
2006  E-Art—Digital Art in Chiayi: Lee Bo-Nan, Jheng Bao-Zong, Chien Jiu-Jung and Cheng Chien-Chang Group Exhibition, No. 5, Chiayi Railway Warehouse, Chiayi, Taiwan.
2009  “Alishan Four Masters Art Exhibition”, Liu Hai Su Art Museum, Zhuhai Gu Yuan Art Museum, Shanghai
2010  ART TAIPEI, Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei, Taiwan.
2011  “Empty and White”, Mazatlan Art Museum, Mexico
2011 Back in Those Days: Alumni of CCU Fine Art Department Group Exhibition, CCU Image and Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan.
2014 “Aggregation–Chulo School”, Opening Exhibition, Preparatory Office, Chia-Yi City Art Museum
2014 The Chen Cheng-po Artistry Cultural Festival: Middle Generation Group Exhibition, Chiayi 228 Memorial Museum, Chiayi, Taiwan.
2015 “Art Visions part2”, New Aesthetic Space, Visionary Art Gallery,Taipei.
2015 “Creation on Christian Faith”, Donhai University.
2015  Moving, Expanding: New Feeler Art Group Exhibition, Chiayi Municipal Museum & Taichung City Seaport Art Center, Chiayi/ Taichung, Taiwan.
2016  ART’s EQUATION of Chiayi Railway Warehouse: The First Stop, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan.
2016 The Possible Future of Human—Evolving Our World: New Being Art 15D Group Exhibition, Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2017  The Possible Future of Human—Evolving Our World: New Being Art 15D Group Exhibition, Art Center of Kao Yuan University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2017 Aggregation & Blooming: Artists Groups and the Development of Fine Arts in Taiwan, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan.
2018  Daiyuan-Formosa Arts and Culture Exchange Exhibition, Galería Weber-Lutgen, Sevilla, Spain.
2018 PLAS Seoul: Contemporary Art Show, COEX D Hall, Seoul, Korea
2018 Art Santa Fe, California, US
2018 ART’s EQUATION of Chiayi Railway Warehouse: The Fourth Stop, Pingtung Art Museum, Pingtung, Taiwan.
2018 The Land, The Environment and the Diversities: New Being Are 15D Group Exhibition, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Yunlin, Taiwan.
2019 ART’s EQUATION of Chiayi Railway Warehouse: The Fifth Stop, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu County Government, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
2019 Contemporary Art Track Group Exhibition, Xinying Cultural Center, Tainan, Taiwan.
2019 For the Time Being Group Exhibition, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Chiayi City, Chiayi, Taiwan.

262x582cm (200Fx3)

Rising, Scarlet Sun

Rising, scarlet sun
Evoked a meek, kind heart.

The verdant mountaintops,
Bring forth a force, positive and further up.

And the humble, little one,
Standing on top of the world,
“With a humble heart I read you with the most sincere eyes”.

The bright sun rises in the east, wake the earth.
The verdant mountains breathes life.
This, is my homeland, the home that I belong.