Johnny Leo(1961- )

Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School / Taipei, Taiwan
Television, Film & Video, UCLA(1990~1993)


National Army Art Award winner for sculpture item.

Chronicles of comic creation over the years

1984 Oolong Academy Semi-Monthly published a short comic “The Fly Monologue”.
1985 Officially debuted as “Two Painters” in “Happy Comics”.
1993 Started serializing with “Young Master” comics in the “New Boy Express” weekly.


  • Literary short comics

The Monologue of the Fly
Two painters
I Love Black Eyes
A Bin’s Story

  • Full-length Comics

Young Master
Game Boy
Young Master Part2
Hoping Jones

  • Comic books

Two painters (1 episode in total)
Young Master (4 episodes)
Game Boy (2 episodes)
Touchstone (1 episode)
Dragon Boy (1 episode)
The Young Master Part 2 (3 episodes)
Boy with Swords (3 episodes)
Apostles (3 episodes)
Hoping Jones(3 episodes)
Fighting Spirit (3 episodes)
Sui Hao-ping Travels Around the World for 10000 days (1 episode)

TV interview (lecture)

2015.04.10 CTV TV “News Observation Station”
2015.06.27 Accepting Interview with China Broadcasting “Anime I Want to Listen”
2015.09.15 Interview with Taiwan Manga Information Service Network
2016.02.26 Knowing Interview by Prophet Information Chuangmeng Media

Invited to go to the triple set American small lecture “Animation Industry & Education”
Invited to lecture at National Normal University, National Taiwan University and Xuan Zang University
Interview by Dr. John of Temple University, Temple University, USA
Interview by Tsai Kangyong, Chairperson of True Index, and Mr.Hugua & Zheng Jinyi Host of TV “Banana New Paradise” .
Interview with China TV 90 minutes: Taiwanese animation industry professionals.
Public TV: Interview with Professor Shi Changjie, Taiwanese animation industry


1998 Published well-known comic series, “Young Master”(exclusive copyright) that appeared in film, cartoon, books and VCD/DVD in China, Singapore, Thailand and Korean markets.
1999 Walt Disney’s exclusive and authorized artist representative in Asia.
2000 Coca Cola’s assigned artist in Asian Pacific region.

2006 The Original Animamix, the Museum of Contemporary Art ,Shanghai China, July
2006 the 2nd China International Cartoon and Animation Festival, Hongzou , China, June
2007 International Contemporary Art Festival / EXIT Festival and VIA Festival, Maison des Arts et de la Culture (MAC) , the Manege of Maubeuge, France, March 8 to April 1
2007 Japan & China Group Exhibition, The Moon River Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, May
2007 Guest artist /residence in London Royal Holloway University, UK, Jun-July
2007 Modern Art Revolution, Taiwan Mitsukoshi Dept. Store , Jul.29-Aug 26.
2007 Shanghai Animamix Biennial / From Modernity To Eternity, Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, China, Oct.17~Nov4.
2007 3L4D / 3rd Life 4th Dimension, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall , Taipei, Oct.20-Nov.8
2008 Animamix / Super Animamix , Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei, Jan.5-27
2008 Two Sides of Taiwan Straits Artists / Animamix New Generation, Capital Art Center, Taipei, Jun 7-Jun 29.
2008 Art Taipei 2008, Art Touch Collection, U.S.A., World Trade Center, Taipei, Aug.29-Sept. 2
2008/9/10~2008/10/29 “Surfing Animamix”, Linda Gallery in Shanghai, Nov. Art Singapore, Dec. Beijing 798 Art Zone
2008/12/19~2009/5/15 “100 Tales in Animamix”
Linda Gallery in Beijing, Singapore & Indonesia
2009~2010 Animamix Biennial – Visual Attract & Attack, Moca Taipei, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Moca Shanghai, Today Art Museum-Beijing
2010 Artwork“A New Century Revelation”(200F) was selected by the National Oil Painting Contest

2011 Solo Exhibition by Johnny Leo” The Animals’ Soliloquy” Butch Art Center ,Taipei, 4/20~5/20
2013 Young Art Exhibition, Taipei~Taichung
2013 Solo Exhibition by Johnny Leo” Modern Manga”
2014 Summer Comic Camp at National Taiwan University of Science &Technology
2014~2015 Join the Hoping & Jones Comic Books Related Plan
2014 7/4 Invited Guest at Taoyuan International ACGT Fair
2014 11/13 Invited Guest at Kaohsiung International Comic Artist Conference
2015 2/10 Invited Guest At Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival
2015 7/4 “Hoping & Jones”Comic book Part2 New Issue
Announcement Campaign at MRT Taipei City Mall
2015 7/11 Taipei Yuanshan Flora Expo Lurara Charitable event
2015 8/6~11 Invited Guest Cartoonist at Taipei World Trade Center
2015 11/19 invited to Taipei City, Taibei high school to do keynote speech
2015 11/20 Invited to participate in the New North City Animation Exhibition & Attendance Interview
2015 12 invited to serve as the new North City animation contest review

2016 2/5 to accept the Taiwan comic information network invited to attend the lecture
2016 6/18~27Good Idea Festival Good idea cross-border art festival Taipei Pine Mountain Wensheng Park 2 + 3 warehouse
2016 10/22 was invited to participate in the fourth session of the four sides of the Greater China illustrations awards guests
2016 11/10 Invited to participate in the first cross-strait animation festival in Wuhan, China (representative of Taiwan guests)
2016 11/25~27 comic artworks to participate in the first film toy exhibition (invited guests and improvisation)
2016 12/8~17 was invited to travel to mainland China Taiyuan (Shanxi Media Institute), Kunming, Yunnan
University of Finance and Economics, Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology, and other university lectures
2018 1/23~2/6 Participated in French Angola Comics Festival & Paris Painting Exhibition
2018 5/30 National Taiwan Museum, guest of the first Chinese Comic Contest
2018 6/13 Participated in the 17th ICC International Comic Artist Conference (International Comic Artist Conference)
2018 10/5~14 Songshan Cultural and Creative Park 2nd Comics Festival Exhibiting Guest & Host of International Forum
2018 Was invited to be on the jury for the cross-strait art exhibition in October
2018 11/9~11/1~12/30 Chiayi Winery Cultural and Creative (Animation Art Pendulum) Ramming Exhibition Chiayi Hotel Art Fair
2019 1/5~10 Joint Exhibition of 4 Artists on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait
2019 1/21~29 Invited to go to Holland & France Anguleme to participate in the comic festival
2019 2/16 Attended Xinfengxiang Comic Forum-Speaker
2019 3/6 Guest speaker for Island Literature Television Production Group on cross-disciplinary cooperation in literature and comics
2019 4/27 Guest speaker at Huabo Cultural and Creative Expo on cross-border cooperation between animation、 IP、film & television
2019 6/11 Invited to participate in Jilin Changchun Sino-French International Comic Forum
2019 7/19~22 Participate in the San Diego Comic Con
2019 7/19~28 Invited to be guest and judge of Taoyuan International Animation Exhibition
2019 10/24~27 Participated in the 3rd Taiwan Comics Festival
2019 10/25 Invited to be the host of the comic base “Hero Comic IP”

Over 20 years of graphic art experience in comic, illustration, magazine, newspaper, cartoon, script writing and filmmaking.
Well-known cartoonist with media recognition from national TV, broadcast, Newspapers and Magazines in the Asian Pacific region.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

100F 162 x 13 cm
2008 Oil on canvas