Chiew Sien Kuan  (1965-)

Chiew’s drawings and paintings are personal commentaries on the issues of modernity and rapid urbanisation that affect people’s sense of being, creating altered states of mind. His work is preoccupied with issues of environmentalism, renewal, loss of urban spaces, economic progress and technological development that have inevitably influenced and changed people’s sense of reality. Chiew’s paintings reflection of subconscious minds that are in constant flux, reacting to these changes around us. With broad confident strokes, Chiew draws and paints exuberantly on paper, demonstrating a unique sense of freedom and free-spiritedness in his style of painting. His sculptures are characterised by the use of found objects sourced over a period of time sometimes 10 – 15 years. By formalising the accidental, he probes into the subconscious mind enticing the viewer to re-think and re-examine the subject matter in the work. The seemingly random assemblage of materials may not seem finished, it is constantly a work in progress.


2007  Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE), Nanyang Technological   University, National Institute of Education, Singapore.
2005  Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE), Nanyang Technological   University, National Institute of Education, Singapore.
1994  BFA, University of Tasmania. Hobart
1986 Diploma in Fine Art, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.


2019 “Soul Yield”, Lim Hak Tai Gallery, NAFA, Singapore
2018  ‘Motionless Boundary’, Da Xin Private Museum, Tainan, Taiwan
2018 ‘Motionless Boundary’, Element Art Space, Singapore
2018 Painters, Nagata Private Museum, Onomichi, Japan


Wood and found objects Assemblage


In the Deep

The aim of Chiew’s works is to understand the desire of mankind building up city that encompasses the presence and absence of our physical and spiritual space – the interactions and interfaces of places, times and thoughts of city lifestyle. In relations to where he is being bought up from – an island state city, Chiew is questioning, as a metaphor to demonstrate a form of self-recovery and self-realization process from a complex, yet stereotypical and bewildering ‘city machine’.

‘In the Deep’ borrowed the idea from the book of Nonah. Men always fighting against God over his desire to build higher and followed his own way. But the big fish, the nature and the power of God does His course in the deep blue sea.

Window Open on High – Lighting

“Kiefer’s iconography suggests that material is nothing more than a transitional stage in a process towards complete spirituality.”

“Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen.” Psalm 77:19

‘Window Open on High – Lighting’ inspired by Kiefer’s transformation idea of materials exploration into spiritual landscape reminiscent of Psalm 77:19


Mixed Mediums on Canvas

123 x 183cm