Victor Tan(1969-)


1997-1998 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (Sculpture)
1995-1997 LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore Diploma in Fine Arts (Ceramics)


2021  Between 2 and 3/ Gallery Everson Hotel   
2020  Love (Hold, Carry and Hug) 
2019 The Head”
2013 The Empty Room
2011 Seeing, feeling, being: Alberto Giacometti 
2008 As it is…
2007 Spotlight Singapore – City. Living/ The Fringe Club
2006 Moment to Moment of Mindfulness
2005 Dawn
2002 Between 2 and 3/ Gallery Everson Hotel


1997  Scholarship, Goodwood Park Hotel
1999  The Commonwealth Arts & Crafts Award, leading to a 6 month residency in London, United Kingdom

Taiwan&Singapore-Blessings of Art In Pandemic Master Symposium Victor Tan





The Stair, The Clouds and The Sky

Stepping into this sky-garden gives one the feeling of stepping into another land, a land that still active busy minds, encourages pondering of thoughts and allows dreams to be made.

This artwork is one of the series about human-like, “floating clouds”sculptures, capturing the different moments of people walking, running, jumping, kicking, or simply just letting themselves go.

Since young, I have always associated thoughts and dreams with clouds in the sky.  To me, sky is like the mind and clouds are like thoughts that come and go in our minds. The sky is where one’s consciousness and unconsciousness meet in the mind. There are big clouds and small clouds. Sometimes the clouds disappear before you know it; Sometimes they stay and linger on….

The Head

Victor Tan began The Head Project in 2013 in his studio to test the boundaries of art and social media for himself. The project has developed to be a treat for visitors and friends to climb into The Head, a larger-than-life wire sculpture, and swing slowly to the rhythm of its oscillations.

The Head Project explores the limits of social media tools as they are used by people who are blind. It is an attempt by sculptor Victor Tan Wee Tar to bring his art to the virtual spaces of the Internet where it can be seen by both sighted and blind observers. Tan, who is visually impaired, focusses his art practice on creating 3D forms with metal wires, doing so primarily by touch. As such, his works have a strong tactile dimension. To experience this dimension of Tan’s art, however, an observer needs to be in the same physical space as the artwork.