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Zhang Xi Cun(1928-2015)

Zhang Shangli, alias Zhang Xicun, a native of Fengrun County, Hebei Province. He came to Taiwan with the Nationalist Government in 1949. Graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of Chung Yuan Christian College of Science and Engineering in 1968, he taught at the Military Academy and settled in Fongshan after retirement. He loves nature as well as Chinese humanities and art. He devotes himself to traditional gongbi (fine brushwork) style painting. He got instructions from masters such as Jin Qinbo and Lin Yushan. He depicts flowers, birds, trees, valleys and strange rocks, and the scenes of the four seasons. He creates lifelike images with smooth lines and delicate colors, bringing people fresh, bright, lively and happy feelings.


The beauty of nature is God’s blessing that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. Zhang Xicun is good at capturing every moment of animals, as well as the comfortable posture of still life, and carefully records the beautiful scenery bestowed by the Creator with each stroke. Yu Zhizhen, a master of Chinese meticulous painting, commented that his paintings are “handsome in brushwork, bright in color, exquisite in composition, and fresh in artistic conception…the strange stones are exquisitely carved, the mountains are rugged, and intriguing…they have both traditional spirit and the atmosphere of the times, which are very valuable.”


1958 Infantry Company Commander participating in the 823 battle
1962 Military Instructor in Siluo Agricultural High School, Changhua Senior High and Tainan Commercial Vocational High School
1964 Department of Civil Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian College of Science and Engineering
1968 Lecturer of Department of Civil Engineering of R.O.C. Military Academy
1977 Civil Engineering Technician


Solo Exhibition

1988 “Zhang Xi-Cun’s Gongbi Bird-and-flower Paintings Exhibition”, Friends of Armed Forces Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1989 “Zhang Xi-Cun’s Silk Scroll Court Gongbi Bird-and-flower Painting Solo Exhibition”, Taichung Municipal Cultural Center, Taichung, Taiwan.
1989 “Zhang Xi-Cun’s Silk Scroll Court Gongbi Bird-and-flower Painting Solo Exhibition”, Kaohsiung Municipal Cultural Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
1991 “Zhang Xi-Cun’s Gongbi Bird-and-flower Painting Exhibition, Fongshan National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
1992 “Zhang Xi-Cun’s Gongbi Bird-and-flower Painting Exhibition”, Gangshan Cultural Center, Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2003 Solo Exhibition at Cultural Center, Kaohsiung
2011 Solo Exhibition at Cultural Center, Kaohsiung
2014 “Success denies no practitioners. Achievements beckon all doers. — Contemporary Gong-bi Painter Zhang Xi-Cun” at Lighten Art Gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Joint Exhibition

1994 “Cross-strait Gongbi Painting Exhibition”, Chung Cheng Gallery at National Taiwan Arts Education Center, Taipei, Taiwan.
1996 “The Elaborate-style Chinese Painting Exhibition by Cross-strait Artists”, Chung Cheng Gallery at National Taiwan Arts Education Center, Taipei, Taiwan.

Spring Dell
Color ink、Silk
55.8×131 cm


The deserted dell is filled with wild birds and flowers.

Green streams and green mountain blend into my painting.

The fragrance in the fog and the plum blossoms announce the arrival of spring.

Overwhelming is the attractive and fascinating reflection of the clouds and peach flowers.

As the poem on the painting expresses, this painting depicts the beautiful natural scenery in the spring. Camellia, narcissus, and plum blossom together with rugged rocks, black-throated bushtits and white wagtails form a thriving scene that is very exciting and joyful. This is a very suitable painting for traditional Chinese living room decoration.

Waxwings and the Bustling Spring
Color ink、Silk
60×90 cm


The scene of spring is usually expressed by greenish hills and clear waters, but this picture elaborates the lively spring momentum with blooming flowers and lovely birds gathering on the branches making noise. The brilliant color of the flowers goes with the feather of the birds, which brings the feeling of warmth and the hustle and bustle of spring wildlife. There is no deny that spring has come.

Plum Blossoms in a Vase
Color ink、Silk
45×90 cm


The red ancient vase is paired with pink plum blossoms, and the background is filled with stone green, which amplifies the simple but elegant protagonist. The line drawing technique of the branch reveals the skill of meticulous painting. This painting is quite eye-catching. The composition is focused on the left side, so that the blank space on the right side has a sense of extension. The whole picture does not lose its sense of balance, and the color matching is brilliant as well.

Bird at the Tip of a Branch
Color ink、Silk
44×76 cm


Three elements make up this painting: coral tree, Siberian rubythroat and strange stones. The red flowers and green leaves of the coral tree are matched with gray stones and brown-feathered birds, and the colors are quite harmonious. The flowers and leaves of the tung tree are interlaced with the stone, and the two birds are on the stone and the branches of the tung tree respectively. Although the bird stands at an important position, it is not too eye-catching because of the cover of the flowers and branches. Although the whole composition is complicated, the whole painting is quite pleasing to the eye because of the color matching and the appropriate placement.

Two Pompom Goldfish
Color ink、Silk
34×44 cm


Pompom, a kind of goldfish, is a very cute ornamental fish. The two fish are painted vividly with dynamic fish tails. The well-drawn colors and expressions, and swaying aquatic plants in the background make the whole picture harmonious, not dull, which is very well-deserved to watch.

Two Butterflies in the Lotus Pond
Color ink、Silk
33×90 cm


In summer, lotus flowers are in full bloom to attract butterflies. The huge red flowers and green leaves set off two small colorful butterflies, forming a scene where the guests and hosts enjoy themselves, and each plays a good role in the painting. Whether the leaves are green or withered, flowers fully bloomed or budding, every element is important. It is just like life: birth, aging, sickness and death are all natural phenomena. A painting can certainly tell a good story of human life.

Peace and Fortune
Color ink、Silk
28×90 cm


There is a tree branch with three lychees inserted on the ancient bottle, which expresses three benefits. The tree branch is like a person, and the fruit is like the achievement of a person which is a homonym of lychee.  This is the common goal pursued by the vast majority, but if you look carefully, there are three lychees, two of them, only partial, not a whole one.  It seems to imply that in the real world there is no perfect life without regrets.  We should cherish what we have now. There is no need to pursue your achievement endlessly. Happiness could be just around you.   This painting is to remind each of us to accept the imperfections in life.

Daffodils and Robin Birds
Color ink、Silk
45×60 cm


The two Siberian rubythroats seem to be looking forward to some visitor. There are narcissus with green leaves and white flowers in the background, lined with strange rocks. With the addition of a few white plum blossoms, the whole composition is quite full and coordinated. The two wild birds are in the middle, enjoying the most spotlight, their posture and figure are all beautifully drawn. The whole picture makes people feel fast-paced, delicate and elegant.

Bamboo and Rock
Color ink、Silk
42×103 cm


This picture is a simulation of Zheng Banqiao’s painting of bamboo and stone. Zheng Banqiao, a Jinshi (imperial scholar) in Qianlong era of the Qing Dynasty, was good at calligraphy and painting, especially ink bamboo. The painter tries to figure out his paintings leaf by leaf. They’re portraited neat and lively. Although this picture imitates the artistic conception of Zheng’s painting, the author presents it with his own composition and brushwork, which create a unique style.

The Encounter of Two Precious Stones
Color ink、Silk
45×59 cm


The Creator created a very special stone, which looks like two stones are accidentally connected together. Just as the short poem inscribed in the picture:

The unusual encounter has not come easy.

There is no need to mention the past.

When two friends with matching personalities are together, they seem to be able to communicate without much talking, which is a rare and precious relationship in this world. This painting uses stones to symbolize people’s encounters in life. It is so unique that you can’t find it elsewhere.