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Hank Du(1955-)

Hank Du currently serves as a corporate advisor. In 2003, he joined World Vision Taiwan and began his tenure as the president, serving two terms totaling 10 years. During this period, David Du built teams and expanded resources to assist hundreds of projects benefiting impoverished children, their families, and communities in over 40 countries.

Simultaneously, over the course of these 10 years, he led his team to reach new heights with the “Thirty Hour Famine” campaign, influencing the young generation in Taiwan through life education. Subsequently, he took on the role of the leader of Asian markets for World Vision International, serving for 8 years before stepping down in 2021. Throughout his 18 years with World Vision, his footprints covered over 40 disaster-stricken countries worldwide. Each encounter with impoverished children and those in the midst of disasters became a profound lesson in life. Through the lens, he captured the deep emotions within the hearts of these children, creating eternal moments.

Prior to joining World Vision, Hank Du had 20 years of experience working for local and international information technology companies in Taiwan. This included a decade at Microsoft Taiwan as a Senior Marketing Manager and Senior Deputy General Manager in the Research and Development Department.


1978 Tamkang University, Taiwan BA, Statistics
1980 MBA, Management Sciences 
1982 Software Engineer  at Mitac Computer Company
1983 Sales Assistant Manager at Digital Equipment Co.
1986 Marketing Service Manager, HP
1989 Marketing Director, TECO Information Co.
1990 Senior Manager, Marketing Dept. Microsoft Taiwan Co.
1995 Senior Vice General Manager, Microsoft Taiwan
2001 Volunteer, CCEA (Chinese Christian Evangelical Asso.)
2003 CEO, World Vision Taiwan
2013 Regional Leader, World Vision
2021 Business Consultant
2022 PhD., Management Sciences 


2010 Solo Photography Exhibition
2016 Good Idea Chinese Artists Collective Exhibition
2017 Photography Exhibition at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan
2023 Good Idea “Artists Returning Home” Collective Exhibition.

Where to go
Matte photo paper
45.2 x 30.5 cm


In a land unknown, South Sudan,

Where conflict and famine never cease,

I ventured into what seemed a hungry battlefield,

Yet amidst the darkest despair, a radiant humanity shone.


In the barrenness, a mother’s love prevails,

Crafting a necklace symbolizing honor,

With empty walls, she adorns her child,

Unaware of tomorrow, under scorching sun, they seek a path.

A child, separated by a fence, gazes in bewilderment,

Unscathed by the surroundings, their noble life persists,

In this fragile environment, their innocence endures,

A testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Matte photo paper
60.5 x 50.5 cm


In the twilight, I stroll through the alleyways

Of the slums in Calcutta’s embrace.

The setting sun gently brushes a pink hue

Upon the yellow mud walls, as if to imbue

The pale blue window sills and doors,

With an indescribable sense of foreign shores.

Suddenly, a duo appears, revealing

Hardships endured, yet kindness concealing.

The younger brother, shy, his head held low,

While his sister, with exquisite features aglow,

Her eyes deep, unfathomable, it seems,

Presses her lips, unyielding to fate’s schemes,

In the silent shutter’s eternal embrace,

A frozen moment, capturing their grace.

The Princess in a slum of Calcutta
Matte photo paper
60.5 x 50.5 cm


Golden sunlight weaves through her hair,

Deep gaze fixed upon the bustling street’s affair,

“Today, will a kind soul lend a helping hand?”

This child of Kolkata’s slums, took a stand,

Early morning, she ventured to the street,

Peering at passersby, hope within her heartbeat.

Though a beggar within the impoverished zone,

She resembles a noble princess, not alone,

Her eyes bear the weight of life’s hardship,

Yet fail to mask her pure, radiant spirit’s grip.

Matte photo paper
60.5 x 50.5 cm


Behold me,
Unique in this world’s expanse,
My smile shines with glory,
A symbol of welcoming stance.

The blue sky is my free spirit,
The gentle breeze opens my heart,
Though walls may stretch for miles,
My heart soars eighty thousand miles,
To meet you, we shall never part!

Sisters and Brothers

Matte photo paper
60.5 x 50.5 cm


I stepped into the narrow alley, adjacent to the slum,
Twilight’s rays gently caressed each home, a welcome hum.
Then before me, a scene unfolded, unforeseen,
An older sister with siblings, basking serene,
In front of a worn-out shack, they embraced the sun’s glow,

Welcoming us, strangers, with love that seemed to overflow.
Except for the little sister’s timid gaze of fear,
The faces of the siblings exuded love, so clear,
Their warmth touched the hearts of all who stood near,
In that moment, their love dispelled any doubt or tear.

Kown me?
Matte photo paper
60.5 x 50.5 cm


Oh, girl, who can truly understand your heart?
In this cold and indifferent street, cars rushing apart,
Who will pause their steps, listen to your plea?
Believe, my dear, in love that still exists, you see.

Amidst storms and rain, hope’s flame yet burns bright,
Your gaze, like a tender shoot in the ground’s plight,
Will grow into a mighty tree, bearing fruits with delight,
Have faith, my dear girl, for a future so resplendent and right.

Matte photo paper
45.2 x 30.5 cm


I raise my voice in protest, loud and clear,
Who took away my childhood, so dear?
Who snatched away our sense of security?
Who left us adrift, in a world so weary?

I protest, for who will offer us hope?
Who promises us a tomorrow to cope?
Who will guide us through this daunting tide?
I stand here, demanding answers, side by side.

We seek a champion, a beacon of light,
To lead us forward, through the darkest night.
In this battle for justice, we shall not yield,
For our voices united, will never be concealed.

Matte photo paper
60.5 x 50.5 cm


From where do you come, little ones?
With tiny figures and sweet smiles that stun,
A hint of surprise in your innocent gaze,
In this meadow of green grass, where you graze.

The wind whispers by your delicate ears,
Carrying warm greetings that soothe all fears,
Like morning dew, refreshing and pure,
Washing away fatigue from the long journey, for sure.

Prepare to go
Matte photo paper
45.2 x 30.5 cm


Oh little donkey,
Carrying my hopes for the day,
Morning sunlight,
Paints our golden dreams at play.

In the distance, voices call,
The marketplace is set to start,
Let us embark on this journey,
Gathering memories, happiness within.

To bring back what my family needs,
As we venture forth with purpose and speed.

Matte photo paper
60.5 x 50.5 cm


You turn around and see us,
What a radiant welcome it is;
The fires of war couldn’t bring you down,
Hunger couldn’t take away your hope’s crown.

Who can block your path to education?
Who can seal off your hearts’ creation?
You bear witness to bravery, world wide,
You embody sincerity, a truthful guide.

You are legends,
Spanning oceans and generations,
A testament to resilience and determination,
Defying limits and expectations.