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At the age of 17, CHU-YIN displayed her artistic talent by winning the first prize in oil painting at the 45th Central Taiwan Art Exhibition, becoming the youngest artist to receive such an honor nationwide. In 2013, she was also listed in the “UK Artists’ Directory” as one of the most promising artists, further solidifying her reputation. Her artwork has gained significant popularity among collectors in Asia and overseas. Currently, she is devoted to the pursuit of artistic creation.

From Abstract to Urban Trend: The Story of a Conscious Female Artist of Love and Courage

CHU-YIN, a graduate of Taiwan University of the Arts, experienced a transformation in her style as she ventured into the realm of fluidity and cross-disciplinary approaches. Zoe excels in using abstract techniques to depict various moments of life. Having gone through the highs and lows, she approaches her creative journey with a more joyful attitude. Her transition to street art brings forth a touch of girlishness and a sweet, adorable style. This transformation is closely tied to the artist’s mindset, as she no longer confines herself within boundaries but instead lives each day more like a child. Through her brushwork, one can sense the genuine happiness and joy emanating from her inner self. Each of her works brings a smile to people’s faces, vibrant and unforgettable, with captivating color schemes that exude beauty.

Having decided to become an artist at a young age, CHU-YIN has maintained a life of creation and painting, which constitutes the most crucial elements of her existence. It is also the driving force that propels her forward. Abstract painting is her preferred mode of expression, with layered textures and colors that stack and transform, imbuing viewers with a greater sense of imagination and freedom. Currently, she continues to explore the possibilities of abstract painting and its integration with representational elements, aiming to discover even more enriching potentials.


Educational LevelSeptember 2003 to June 2007 September 1999 to June 2002

September 1995 to June 1998

Exhibition Experiences Individual exhibitions

Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts Department of Visual Communication Design, Jinwen University of Science & TechnologyPainting Section, Fine Arts & Craft Department, Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School

Solo Experience

2023 Hsu Chu-Yin / Tangibility, Jitang Hotel, New Taipei City, Taiwan
2022 Timeless NFT Gallery/Lounge, Taipei, Taiwan
2020 Invited by Star City Church Bethlehem, shown in CTBC Financial Park, Taipei, Taiwan
2020 “Twzoe / Banana & you”, Wrong Gallery, Beijing, China
2019 “Twzoe / Banana & you”, Wrong Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 “Hsu Chu-Yin / Old is New”, 99 Degree Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 Invited by Taipei 101 Church, shown in Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan
2018 Hsu Chu-Yin Solo Show, Artrue Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 “Receiving from The Creator”, Howard Salon Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 “Shimmering”, 99 Degree Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 “Boundless Abstraction”, King Car Cultural & Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 “Dancing Spirits”, Padparadscha Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 “Symphony of Real Abstraction”, Tswei-heng Art Hall of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei
2011 “Symphony in True Colors”, Ecole Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2009 Solo Show, Pure Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

Group Exhibitions

2023 WHATZ ART FAIR—Sheraton Taipei Hotel Taipei. Taiwan
2023 Night Taipei International Art Fair – Warehouse No. 1, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei. Taiwan
2023 Artists go home—Art Center of Taipei University of Technology, Taipei. Taiwan
2023 LOVE ME OR HATE ME International Artists Group Exhibition—ART SPACE Taipei. Taiwan
2023 Present and Eternal Art Exhibition TRA-Royal Society of Taiwan Winter Exhibition-Taipei International Art Village Taipei. Taiwan
2022 Asian Illustration Art Fair – Kaohsiung Cheng Yi Hotel Taipei. Taiwan
2022 Oneoffs International Art Fair2022 W Hotel Taipei. Taiwan
2020 “Post-Pandemic, Therapeutic Time” group show, Helios Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 2020 (the 24th)Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China
2019 “Giant PIGture Show:Taiwan x Japan Collaboration Show”, Wrong Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 Asia Contemporary Art Show Art Fair, Hong Kong, China
2015 Oil painting group show in King Car Cultural & Art Center, Yilan, Taiwan
2015 presented by 99 Degree Art Center in the 7th Young Art Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China
2013 group show in Moon12 Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 presented by Moon12 Art in the 5th Young Art Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 presented by VG Art Gallery in ART Taichung Art Fair, Taichung, Taiwan
2012 presented by VG Art Gallery in the 4th Young Art Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei, Taiwan
2007 group show, National Taiwan University of Arts, New Taipei City, Taiwan
2005 group show, The Children’s Art Museum in Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2000 group show, Min-Sheng community activity center, Taipei, Taiwan
1999 group show, New Taipei City Library, Xindian, Taiwan
1997 group show, Art Passage in National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan



2013 Entered the “UK Artists’ Directory listed Artist” in 2013 and was recommended as one of the most promising artists
2004 Taipei City Government 2004 Lantern Seas and Youdao painting selection winning prize Collected in Taipei City Government
2003 In 2003, the Taiwan Beer Packaging Creative Competition won the silver medal and the bronze medal. Collected in Taiwan Beer
2001 In 2001, the work [Blue] was authorized to make murals with Starbucks Coffee and the products were collected in Starbucks
1998 In 1998, the first place in the 45th Central Art Exhibition (oil painting category), collected in the Central Art Exhibition
1998 In 1998, the works of the world’s 50 best high school students entered the Japan International High School Student Art Competition and were collected in Japan
1997 In 1997, the excellent works selected by the Lions Clubs International Cup sketching review were collected in the Lions Clubs International

Never forget
Acrylic on Canvas
360 x 120 cm

Before the universe began, Heavenly Father had dreams and plans to manifest His power and love.
His love never forgets us, even when we make mistakes, even when we are far away from Him, His love remains the same.
In His love we can find true purpose and meaning.
Let us feel the presence of the Father’s love every day, and learn to respond to this great love with love, live out His plan, and witness the manifestation of His wonderful love in our lives.

Acrylic on Canvas
60 x 120cm(36F)

As night falls, whenever the thoughts hidden deep in my heart, like an endless river, come to my heart, I will always think of my dreams, the beauty that I will never forget.
As long as you don’t forget your original intention and persistence, there will be no forgetting, only bravery and these ideas,
It can also become the driving force for us to pursue our dreams and move forward more firmly towards the future.

Acrylic on Canvas
162 x 390 cm

The book of Revelation depicts a spiritual battle, but the key to victory in life is perseverance. The power of persistence comes from faith and gives us the courage to overcome any difficulties. When we face adversity, don’t give up and trust God to give us the necessary strength. Let us continue to move forward with determination and win the spiritual battle.

Acrylic on Canvas
139 x 139cm

The fountain of living water refers to the spiritual life and grace from Jesus Christ, which can pass through the desert-like plight of life, nourish our soul, and endow us with energy and strength of life.
Jesus said: “Whoever drinks the water I will give will thirst no more; the water I will give will become a fountain in him, welling up to eternal life.” (John 4:14) The human soul, like water passing through the desert,
Bring the nourishment of life and the nourishment of eternal life to the human soul, and be renewed from the inside out.

Acrylic on Canvas
130 x 130cm

From 2020 to 2022, the epidemic and the Ukrainian-Russian War have affected the whole world and severely hit everyone’s life. I am fortunate to be able to accompany me through the hardships with my creation.
“HOPE” reflects my state of mind and my expectation for the future. The background color is blue and orange, which means some contradictions and conflicts in daily life. The abstract texture has layers of meticulous stacking. Changes, golden splashes represent the vitality and motivation that life continues to retain. As night falls, we can discover that the sky is full of stars, and the dove of peace flies to the night with hope, and the night makes the stars shine even more.
We are not opposed to each other, but complete and integrated with each other, jumping out of day and night from a long-term perspective, every existence is a perfect blessing, switch focus, every life is a free existence, jump out of the frame, and enjoy happiness. In such an anxious era, there are still rich and beautiful things waiting for us, and shining hopes still exist.

Oil Acrylic on Canvas
120 x 120cm

The redemption of the Bible is the core of the Christian faith. The blood of the Lord Jesus redeemed the sins of the world and gave people eternal life and peace. Through God’s mercy, people can return to the basics and return to the embrace of God. The Messiah prophesied in Isaiah accomplished all this, bringing true salvation and the Kingdom of God. Let us receive these rich blessings in faith, and treat each other with love and compassion, and live a true Christian life.

Comfort from heaven
Oil Acrylic on Canvas

The Holy Spirit is with us, bringing endless love and comfort.
He tells us that we will never be forsaken because God’s love will never leave us.
Life is a precious gift, each with its own value and purpose.
When we encounter difficulties, the Heavenly Father sends angels to reach out to us, give us compassion and understanding, accept our weaknesses and inadequacies, and surround us with warm wings to make us feel at ease and peaceful.
Trust the work of the Holy Spirit, believe in the divine love and strength He brings to us, and face the challenges of life bravely.


Grace on grace
Acrylic on Canvas
162 x 390 cm

Heavenly Father’s love and grace are infinite, and we receive blessings from the fullness of His grace that we will never lose. His love never forsakes us, even if we make mistakes, we can return to his arms. God’s grace doesn’t just give us what we need, it goes beyond what we ask or think. Let us thank God for his love and grace and look forward to his blessings as he has done great and wonderful things in our lives.

In the beginning
Acrylic on Canvas
97 x 130cm (60F)

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. At first the world was cloudy, and darkness enveloped the earth. The Spirit of God moved over the abyss, and he said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, so he separated the light from the darkness, and called the light day and the darkness night. Next, God created the sky, sea, land, plants, sun, moon, and stars. Finally, he created animals and man. God sees everything He has made as excellent. This is the wonderful work that God did at the beginning of creating life.

Oil on Canvas
41 x 31.5cm 6F

Picasso Cubism is an artistic trend in the early 20th century, emphasizing the combination of form and color, and the multi-angle presentation of objects. Artists in this trend are very persistent in their creative ideas and are constantly exploring new ways of expression. This persistence has played an important role in promoting their creative achievements.
In life, we also need to stick to our own ideas and goals, and keep working hard to pursue them. Although the road ahead may be full of challenges and difficulties, as long as we persevere and believe in our abilities, we will eventually achieve our ideals.