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leong chee siong

1981 Graduated from Kuala Lumpur College of Art.
1985 Lecturer of Kuala Lumpur College of Art.
2005 Full time artist.



1988 Minor Award of Young Contemporary Malaysia
1994 Major Award of Philip Morris Malaysia
1994 Major Award of Philip Morris ASEAN
The works are collected by the National Gallery of Malaysia and the Bank


Fountain of life
oil on canvas

The essence of the fountain of life is abundance and variety, and the colorful dots on the ground are the nutrients for the tree, which makes the tree fruitful. A little bit of color is accumulated after a little bit of hard work. . . . It grows and bears fruit, in various shapes but with its own characteristics, and its abundance comes from the fountain of life.

Stand with Ukraine
oil on canvas

Eggplant is called “eggplant” in English because it looks like an egg.

The eggplants hanging on the tree resemble Easter egg decorations.

The eggs are painted with different patterns to symbolize the rebirth of life.

The J-shaped eggplant, meaning “Jesus”, is the source of life.

Jesus Christ was crucified and rose from the dead to gain life for the world.

For Easter this year, I painted eggplants yellow and blue to commemorate the suffering of the Ukrainian people during the war.

Hopefully they can rebuild after the war.

Yellow represents life and blue represents freedom.

Ukraine will be able to regain life and freedom after the war.

The Light and The Rain
oil on canvas
The vast paddy fields are dotted with bushes of different sizes, which the Malays call “pulau”. Once an ideal home, some have become deserted and become a habitat for snakes, rats and birds, like an “isolated island”. The paddy fields have not changed! In the years when the epidemic is raging, it is still green. Through the darkness and across the New Year, may your life be strong and prosperous, accompanied by sunshine and rain.

oil on canvas

The mountains are high and the road is low in the night, and there is light to accompany me forward.