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WANG REN-JYE was born in Taichung in 1962.

Graduated from the Western Painting Section of the Fine Arts Department of Cultural University in 1986.

Graduated from the Institute of Fashion and Media, Practical University, 2012.

As a member of the “Taipei School of Painting,” in the 1980s, he actively promoted new ideas and artistic concepts from the perspective of a new generation of artists.After living in France in 1990, WANG REN-JYE reorganized the artistic language of the East and the West, and the writing lines of the East ran in the empty space created by color.

My work is not related to political or social criticism, but is a return to the artist’s original mood of “speech outwardly, empty and quiet in the heart, and if green hills are to be seen by others,” which is a reflection on life, philosophy, and emotions.WANG REN-JYE wanders through the ambiguous boundary between material and abstract expression. Between the square inches of the canvas, there is infinite space, dexterity and quiet poetry.At the same time, while pursuing the form of liberation picture, we do not forget the culture hidden in the gene, the ink is interested in the abstract and lyrical picture, and the Chinese culture is preserved.To convey the excitement of imagination and life experience in nature, and to establish another peak of oriental lyric aesthetics.


1986 Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts Chinese Culture University,  Taipei, Taiwan
2012 Master Degree in Fashion Design Shih Chien University,  Taipei, Taiwan
1990-91 Entered 17 Printmaking Studio to work in Paris France Paris, France
1990 ~96 Sojourn in Paris   
1993 Obtain French artist residency  Paris, France


1983 Oil Painting/Fine Arts Annual Competition at Chinese Culture University
1984 Selected for the Young Lion Art Award Taipei, Taiwan.
1984 The Second China-Japan Cultural Exchange Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan.
1993 The 44th International Painting Awards Exhibition – Second Place in the Modern Composition Category, Douai City, France.
1993 International Association of Modern Art Joint Exhibition – Bronze Medal in the Painting Category, Belgium.( Academie Intermational des Arts Contemporains-BELGIQUE )


Solo Exhibition

1993 The First Solo Exhibition of the Shepherd Looking Homeward, Taipei -Fairmate Art Gallery ,Taipei, Taiwan
1994 Solo Exhibition at East Gallery,Taichung, Taiwan
1995 10 Ways to Read Taiwanese Art – Χ Wang Ren-jye Solo Exhibition Taipei – Fairmate Art Gallery,Taipei, Taiwan
1997 Reading Life Solo Exhibition, Taipei – Taipei Fine Arts Museum  Taipei Taiwan
1997 Reading Life Solo Exhibition, Taipei -Fairmate Art Gallery,Taipei ,Taiwan
2007 Urban Memory Collage Solo Exhibition, Taipei – 41 Gallery,Taipei ,Taiwan 
2008 〝Time/space〞solo exhibition,Cloud-gallery,Taipei, Taiwan
2009 〝The urban memory〞solo exhibition,Cloud-gallery,Taipei, Taiwan
2010 〝Persistence and Continuation Oil Painting Solo Exhibition, Cloud-Gallery,Taipei, Taiwan
2012 Melancholy: Solo Exhibition by Wang Ren-Jye, Zhudong,Hsin Chu,Taiwan
2014 Art Solo Art Fair, Taipei Expo Park
2014 “Voice in Empty Mountains” – Solo Exhibition by Wang Ren-Jye, National Chiao Tung University Arts Center 2014/12/04-12/28 
2016 “Cross.Social.Design×Art” Invitational Exhibition, Taipei
2016  Contemporary Art Museum ,Taipei, Taiwan
2019 “Describing the Mountains: Perception of Time and Space” 
2019  Solo Exhibition,Taipei-Mountain Art,Taipei, Taiwan
2019 “Reflections on Life: Childhood Memories” Solo Exhibition by 
2019  Wang Ren-Jye   Taichung SOGO Department Store, Fashion Gallery,Taipei, Taiwan
2020 Describing the Mountains: Perception of Time and Space” Solo Exhibition by Wang Ren-Jye,Taipei, Taiwan
2020 “The Pursuits of Over 9,000 Days” Solo Exhibition by Wang Ren-Jye M   Gallery ,Taipei, Taiwan
2021 “A Journey of Play and Abode” Solo Exhibition by Wang Ren-Jye 
2021 Taipei – Mountain Art Taipei, Taiwan
2023 Art solo  Art Time – Art Season Art Fair Taipei Flower Expo Mingshan Art ,Taipei, Taiwan


Joint Exhibition

1983 The first place in the oil painting category of the Department of Culture  and Art Exhibition,Taipei, Taiwan
1984 Nominated for Lion Artist Award The Second China-Japan Cultural    Exchange Exhibition, Tokyo-Japan
1986 The First Taipei Painting School of painting Exhibition, 
1986  Taipei-Fine Arts Museum, Taipei Taiwan
1990  New Particle Modern Art Group First Exhibition, Taipei-Hua Gang  Museum,Taipei, Taiwan
1990  Vigorous Reconstruction Joint Exhibition, Taipei-South Gallery  Taipei, Taiwan
1990  Exhibition of Domestic Art Exhibition Center, Taipei, Taiwan
1990 Joined the Seventeen Printmaking Studio in Paris, France Arrived in Paris, Paris, France in 1990
1992  The 47th “May Salon Exhibition”, France – Grand Palais,  Paris, France 
1992  Group Exhibition of Artists in France, France
1992  Group Exhibition of Art Works of the New Generation Studying in France, Taipei  Fairmate Art Gallery
1993 Obtained French artist residency
1993 The First Solo Exhibition of the Shepherd Looking Homeward, Taipei  Fairmate Art Gallery,Taipei Taiwan
1993 The 48th “May Salon” Invitational Exhibition, France – Grand Palais, Paris
1993 The 44th International Painting Awards Exhibition-Won the second place in the category of modern composition, France-Duwei City
1993 Joint Exhibition of International Society of Modern Art—Bronze Medal in Painting Group, Belgium Academie International des Arts Contemporains-BELGIQUE
1994 10 Ways to Read Taiwanese Fine Arts Joint Exhibition, Taipei-Fei Yuan  Art CenterRead the urban character joint exhibition of Taiwanese art, Taipei-Xuanmen Art Center Republic of China Gallery Exposition Joint Exhibition, Taipei – Fairmate Art Gallery 
1994 Art Promotion Joint Exhibition, France-Paris The 13th Marne la Valle Plastic Art Invitational Exhibition
1995 (Espace Michal Simon–Naisy Le Grand), France – Paris 1995
1995 10 Ways to Read Taiwanese Art – Χ Wang Renjie Solo Exhibition Taipei – FeiYuan Art Center Contemporary Art Group Exhibition – Theme Exhibition ofChinese Artists in France (Itineraire 95. Ville de Levallois France) France –Paris
1996 Discovery of the New Forces of Taiwan Art Joint Exhibition, Taichung – Zhenpin Art Center
1997 Persistence and Continuation Collection Exhibition, Taichung – Zhenpin Art Center 
2001 Gold and Silver Paper and Mixed Media Creation Exhibition, Keelung- Cultural Center
2005  Taiwan Sound Vision is so big, the 4th artist fair joint exhibition, Taipei – China
2008 Vision Artists Fair, Taipei – Xinyi Public Hall
2008 Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1art.  Fantastic
2009 The 8th Xia Yitiao-2009 Shimeng Artists Fair, Taipei-Taipei Beijing Huacheng
2011 Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei-World Trade Center Hall
2011 Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei MRT Zhongshan Underground Book Street- Underground Experimental Creative Show”Recruiting Talent Jinbao – Come and Take a Seat” Duo Exhibition
2011 The 10th Shimeng Artists Fair, Taipei-Taipei Bopiliao/Kaohsiung-Pier-2 Art Zone VII Warehouse No.
2012 The 11th Vision League Artists Fair Taipei – Songshan Cultural and Creative Park – Warehouse No. 2 /Taichung – Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park – Ya Tang
2013 Art Beijing Gallery Fair Joint Exhibition China—Beijing
2013 Taipei International Art Fair Taipei – World Trade Center Hall
2013 Xuexue Wenchuang “Moving Horse” Painted Artwork Charity Sale 2013 Taipei
2014 Taipei International Art Fair Taipei – World Trade Center Hall 1 
2015 Taipei International Art Fair Taipei – World Trade Center Hall 1 
2015 “Touching the Monkey” Special Exhibition of Artists’ Coloring for Students, First Exhibition – Xuexue Wenchuang 
2016 “Cross-Social-Social Design × Art” Invitational Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei 
2016 Taipei International Art Fair Taipei – World Trade Center Hall 1 
2017 “Everything is not like this” family group exhibition M Gallery 
2017 Taipei International Art Fair Taipei – World Trade Center Hall 1 
2018 Taipei International Art Fair Taipei – World Trade Center Hall 1 
2019 Taipei International Art Fair Taipei – World Trade Center Hall 1 
2020 Mountain Journey Narrative, Time and Space Movement Wang Renjye Creation Exhibition Bamboo Branch – Mingshan Art
2020 Walking with the Wind and the Sun-Enamel Calligraphy and Painting Art ExhibitionNational Chung Hsing University Huisun Hall Outdoor Square Taipei International Art Fair Taipei-World Trade Center Hall 1 Mingshan Art
2021 Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 Mingshan Art
2021 Travelable and Liveable Realm Wang Ren-Jye Creation Exhibition 
2021 Taipei-Famous Mountain Art,Art Taipei
2022 The 11th Busan Taipei International Art Exchange Exhibition Hall 2.3, Busan City Hall Busan, South Korea
2022 Taipei International Art Taipei-World Trade Center Hall 1 Art Gallery J01 
2022 Tainan Busan International Art Exchange Exhibition Tainan City “Cultural Creation PLUS Tainan Creative Center” Tainan, Taiwan
2022 China Shamao Mountain Painting Association Annual Exhibition,Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Third Floor, Deming Art Gallery,Taipei, Taiwan
2023 SDGs Art 2023 Stus People Vibrant Rebirth Creation Joint Exhibition Taipei National Chengchi University Public Enterprise Center  Taipei, Taiwan

Endless Land of Mountain City.
Oil paint、Canvas

Gazing into the distance of the mountain peak, it appears far away but in reality, it’s just within reach, beyond the clouds. Ascending the layered peaks, resembling a “box of firewood,” the homeland of dreams reveals itself. There, the lush greenery is quietly covered by fiery red, whether red tempts the blue and green—or if the blue and green forever flourish. Here, there is boundless sky and land, and the ensuing red spreads throughout the entire mountaintop. Boundless sky and land allow my memories to soar limitlessly. As long as you’re willing, the “Endless Land of Mountain City” will always be your homeland—only in dreams.

Ultimate Apex
Oil paint、Canvas

Yellow holds a special symbolic meaning among Chinese people. It represents the color of the Earth and holds a central position in the concept of Five Elements. I focus on the interplay of colors black, yellow, and white in my artwork. Their collision creates sparks that evoke poetic and emotional resonance. At times, I use solvents to drip and flow onto the yellow and white areas, cutting through and generating a dynamic and captivating emotion. This conveys a sense of poetry and sensitivity. The bold strokes of black intrude upon the golden earth, reminiscent of the sudden sound of thunder, transforming the visual experience into an auditory one. It is similar to the way Bai Juyi describes music in his poem “Song of the Pipa,” where he depicts the sound of the instrument through words: “The loud and rushing sound of the strings, the soft and whispering tone of the small strings; the clamor and precision of the overlapping playing, like large and small pearls falling on a jade plate.” This transformation of visuals into sound becomes an everlasting presence in one’s ears.

Autumnal Equinox
Oil paint、Canvas

The verdant green gradually turns yellow, donning a new attire. The fertile earth breathes life. While the heat of “Late Summer” and the Three Fu subsides, the autumn tiger awaits ahead. Despite the impending chill, I long for the season of “White Dew” when autumn sets in with full vigor. In reality, I cherish the coolness of autumn!

Season of Longing – June Skies
Oil paint、Canvas

Decoration, cicadas singing in pairs, bursting forth with great force, proving the existence of this moment, bursting forth with great force, only for decoration.

Waking Dream in the Mountain City – Endless Heaven and Earth
Oil paint、Canvas

Not for the sake of depicting scenery, but to express that passion, “weary emotions,” “weary emotions,” no longer linger in the dream.

Taste of the season
Oil paint、Canvas

The days of Paris in summer, meeting friends to pick cherries, looking up at the tall trees in the garden, adorned with glistening, ruby-like fruits. The taste of time in the cherry orchard is pink and bittersweet. Time stands still in the garden, laughter remains constant, and friendship is unwavering…

Discerning the seasons- spring, summer, autumn, winter
Oil paint、Canvas
30x30cm x 3

        God has cleverly tilted the Earth by 23.5 degrees, creating different changes in the state of all living things based on their distance from the sun and latitude. Different seasons bring different vegetation and colors that attract the attention of all. The memories of past experiences are engraved in the timeline of our minds, and these memories hold colors that have warmth, the temperature of seasons. It is worth it for us to “savor time – savor seasons.”

Autumn Wheat Ancient Path
Oil paint、Canvas

“Autumn Wheat Ancient Path, 50M Oil Painting 2021”
A vast expanse of green stretches within reach, a mysterious grassland carrying the scent of autumn mist, bearing the memories of rebirth. Endless autumn wheat fills the scene, an ancient path that never ends, documenting the footprints of our ancestors…

portrays a sweeping expanse of lush greenery, an enigmatic grassland imbued with the essence of autumn fog and the birth of new memories. Unending fields of autumn wheat and an endless ancient trail bear witness to the footsteps of our forebears…”

Autumn Wheat
Oil paint、Canvas

“Autumn Wheat
Aerially overlooking the footsteps of our forebears, the temperature embodies the colors of autumn, as the fragrance of autumn arrives with the gentle northern wind. Large stretches of white wheat add a sense of mystery, while the traces of our ancestors’ path remain serene and worthy of treading. The ancient path lies within the realm of autumn, meandering amidst the white wheat and white clouds.

Pink Drizzle
Oil paint、Canvas
100×80 cm

Pink Drizzle” is a 100×80 cm 40F Oil painting on canvas 2021
It depicts a landscape where the mountains are bathed in shades of pink, and tourists flock in abundance. The artist portrays a scene where the distant mountains are not blazing red but rather adorned with a delicate pink drizzle.