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Wen-His, Chung(1950-)

After living in the United States for 45 years, I suffered from depression and even gave up painting for 30 years. However, after getting to know God, I was encouraged to pick up the paintbrush again and became grateful for all the changes and experiences in life. The inspiration for my artwork comes from memories of my growing years. My early works gained recognition in the United States and I was interviewed by the media, earning the title of “Hidden Artist from Taiwan.” While my painting skills were highly regarded, I chose not to stay and develop in the United States because of my attachment to my homeland. In 2019, I returned to Taiwan and, influenced by Western art, I hope to integrate into Taiwanese culture and make my artwork transcendent of international boundaries, serving as a bridge for cultural exchange. With a belief in resilience and overcoming challenges, I specialize in realistic oil painting, using my brush to showcase the beauty of everything that God has created, bringing joy to the viewers’ hearts.



1985 Professional art school
2015 The United States Dawn Chinese School teaches oil painting and traditional Chinese painting.

Solo Experience

2020 “Poetry and Painting Crossing the New Year 23”, The National Library B1 Psalm Coffee Art and Culture Space, Taiwan
2022 “Transmitting Love DNA” Tsukuba Medical Electronics Gallery, Taiwan
2022 “Original Guests Integration – Ethnic Group Common Good”, the Hsinchu County Cultural Affairs Bureau Art Museum, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2022 “Chasing Love Painter”, National Gospel Institution, Taipei, Taiwan

Joint Exhibition

2022 Taoyuan A12 Art Space co-hosting the “Visiting Spring” joint exhibition with 30 contemporary artists.

King`s Supper 
Oil paint、Canvas


Of those 7~8 years of wandering, the most memorable part was the delicious fruits on the street stands that fulfilled the hunger. Painting variety of fruits was the inspiration of repicking the paintbrush at my 60’s featuring vase, wine glass and colourful fruits, to commemorate the difficult times I had gone through, reflecting memory and gratitude. Once none was possessed now abundant, definitely joyful and graceful!

Oil paint、Canvas

The facial tattoo of the Atayal tribe is a symbol of “life”. Men must perform heroically in battle or hunting to be eligible for facial tattoos, while women must have a beautiful face and be skilled in weaving to qualify for tattoos, or to represent chastity and loyalty to their husband after marriage. Men traditionally tattoo on their forehead and chin; women on their forehead and cheeks. The painting depicts an elderly tattooed woman from Wulai, whom I often saw in my childhood. Her passing has become the face of a cultural relic of the tribe. This oil painting was created during my residence in the United States, in honor of the spirit and vitality of the Atayal tribe.

Hundreds of koi leaping for a bumper harvest
Oil paint、Canvas
103.5 x 185.5 cm(120P)

The colour and patterns of koi fish possess the “beauty of nature” and the “beauty of colors,” often referred to as “living jewels in the water.” They are colourful and as beautiful as brocade, symbolizing harmony between fish and water, and auspiciousness. Strong and long-lived, they are a symbol of immortality and vitality. A hundred koi swimming together create a magnificent scene, leaping and striving upwards, busy in their search for food, which is an innate skill or ability. Humans are similar; if you “desire” to reach that point, you will give your all to achieve your goals, naturally unleashing your potential. This painting is meant to inspire personal growth and courageously move forward because opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared.

Be with the Lord
Oil paint、Canvas
97 X 145 cm

This painting depicts the Old City of Jerusalem, surrounded by ancient walls and is a medieval fortress, a place of numerous holy sites. Everyone who is near the Old City of Jerusalem is searching for the truth and hoping to be guided by the light of God. Although Jerusalem continues to develop new cities, the Old City’s appearance forever intertwines with people’s memories.

Flock of sheep
Oil paint、Canvas

There is a parable in the Bible about a sheep that goes astray and gets lost in the darkness. The good shepherd will leave the ninety-nine sheep in the field, hills, valleys, and mountains to search for that one lost sheep. It means that the good shepherd cherishes his flock of sheep, and whenever one sheep goes astray, he will come to search for it. In John 10:27, Jesus said, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

Youthful Yushan
Oil paint、Canvas

72 x 91cm (30F)

Taiwan is a mountainous island, with over 70% of its land being mountainous. There are 268 peaks over 3,000 meters high, with “Yushan” being the highest peak in Taiwan. It is the source of many of Taiwan’s rivers and continuously nurtures our land. Yushan’s unique Yushan ridgeline, Yushan snow, Yushan round cypress, cold clothing, Morrison’s azalea, Yushan thistle, Yushan stone, and other endangered species are all unique and rare. As a descendant of the Atayal tribe, living abroad for a period of time, painting Yushan has a special meaning to me due to the cultural connection with Taiwan’s Yushan.

Children’s dream house
Oil paint、Canvas

60 x120cm(40P)

American painter Thomas Kinkade is my artistic inspiration, an admired painter. He passed away in 2012. In 2013, I created several imaginative works with a style similar to his in order to commemorate him. The inspiration for this “Fairytale Cottage” comes from my imagination and dreams of “home” and my childhood memories of Wulai in Taiwan.

(Thomas Kinkade, born in 1958, is known as the “Painter of Light” and is skilled in realistic and pastoral themes. He hoped to demonstrate the image of Christian values through his works, using light to represent the divine presence in each of his works, also referring to himself as the “Warrior of Light”.)

like a deer thirsting for water
Oil paint、Canvas
 76.2X120.2 cm

In a quiet and refreshing atmosphere, the natural reaction of the body is to take a deep breath. Like a thirsty deer longing for water, the satisfaction of finding water can be imagined. I hope that we can slow down, take the time to learn to be alone, enjoy the nourishment of nature, and let our body, mind, and soul be washed and purified before starting again.

Waiting for Love
Oil paint、Canvas

60.9 x 91.5cm (30P)

Emotions are the way we express love. Seven-coloured roses, perfume, chocolate, candles, and keys are the five senses that drive emotional motivation. Careful timing and thoughtful arrangements, yearning for a tight embrace in love, softly saying “You are my forever”, wishing that happiness comes at the right time, is a prayer for love.

Snowy Frederick
Oil paint、Canvas

97 x 130cm(60F)

Art takes you on a journey. Downtown Frederick has over 200 specialty shops, art galleries, and restaurants. The charm of this quaint town and picturesque scenes can be seen everywhere. During the winter, Downtown Frederick sparkles! Walking along the sidewalks, you can enjoy the lit windows of over 100 businesses and the twinkling tree lights overhead. It’s like a dream come true and it’s my romantic surprise every year in a foreign land.

Location: Frederick, Maryland, USA, Downtown on E Patrick St.