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Victor Tan(1969-)


1995 LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore Diploma in Fine Arts (Ceramics)
1997 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (Sculpture)


2002 Between 2 and 3/ Gallery Everson Hotel 
2005 Dawn
2006 Moment to Moment of Mindfulness
2007 Spotlight Singapore – City. Living/ The Fringe Club
2008 As it is…
2011 Seeing, feeling, being: Alberto Giacometti 
2013 The Empty Room
2019 The Head”
2020  Love (Hold, Carry and Hug) 
2021  Between 2 and 3/ Gallery Everson Hotel   


1997  Scholarship, Goodwood Park Hotel
1999  The Commonwealth Arts & Crafts Award, leading to a 6 month residency in London, United Kingdom

Taiwan&Singapore-Blessings of Art In Pandemic Master Symposium Victor Tan


French Chateau


Running Child
The Esplanade

Dancers In The Wind – Pas de Deux
Temasek Junior College

The series Dancers in the Wind capture the movements of air over a dancer’s outstretched arms, a posture that Victor sometimes adopts in his studio when a cool breeze wafts through. Then newly attached and taking dancing lessons, Victor recreates the happy experience of dancing in a pair in Pas de Deux. The two figures stand in close juxtaposition, glancing obliquely at each other and suggesting interactivity and partnership. Victor remembers his experiences in art school, where interactions between teachers and students, invited speakers and students, and between students and students themselves have been instrumental in the process of artistic learning and creation. The process of dancing is itself a celebration of life and art; dancing as a couple requires a deeper involvement – a special awareness of one’s partner, coordinating individual movements to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The uplifted arms of the Dancers twirl in joyous freedom, as the wings of angels engaged in heavenly exultation.

Private Collection

The Family

Dancer in The Wind
Raffles City, Changing

In The Wind
EFG Bank

1999 Singapore Expo

Victor experimented with various poses to make a dramatic pageant where five human figures represented the fingers of a hand making the ‘OK’ sign. This work had its strength not in the story that he has enacted, but in the construction of an energetic visual piece with playful connotations. This sculpture was commissioned through Art 2, even before Victor graduated from his RMIT course.

The Four Way Test
The Singapore Botanic Gardens

In the sculpture, a man holds a big bucket of clear water and pours it down to a child who is reaching out with a bowl to contain the water, but allowing some of the water to continue to flow down to the earth.

The big bucket depicts the richness and the abundance of wealth that can be derived from the simple knowledge of the 4-way test. This knowledge is like water, which is vital to the survival of all life forms on earth. The clearness of the water suggest that a clear understanding of this vital knowledge will bring about the well-being and prosperity of future generations, as represented by the child. This knowledge continues to flow down to reach the greater mass to benefit all beings. The natural interdependency of all beings allows this continuity to flow on and on.

Royal Bank Of Scotland